Ofsted says settings are 'not physical enough'


At The Little Gym Leeds we are very aware of the importance of physical activity and risk taking at a young age.  We are therefore keen to share with you an interesting article we saw via Nursery World Magazine about how we need to encourage our children to take more risks!


OFSTED said ‘Settings are not physical enough’ and children are not taking ‘safe risks’.


Classes at The Little Gym specifically encourage risk taking in a safe environment as recommended in this article.  Parents and carers are naturally concerned with the safety and happiness of their child’s activity/experience.  This sometimes leads them to be primarily concerned with protecting children from any ‘negative’ experience (falling, failing) rather than encouraging children to take risks or try something difficult such as lean/swing for a bar that is out of reach.


The positive impact of trying something hard or scary and eventually succeeding is invaluable to mental health, as well as physical development.  Schools are reporting that 4 year olds are entering school without being able to sit still and this is due to a lack of physical development – core strength and hip flexing – movement activities, rather than any fidgety lack of concentration. 


You can read the full article here  


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