Summer Camps!



A week by week guide to our exciting new summer camp schedule!


During the school holidays, rain or shine, The Little Gym camps combine fun, sport, creative activities and learning to keep your kids active, entertained and laughing. All while carefully developing their minds, bodies and self-confidence. Children love them!


Super Quest Camps - 3-8 Year Olds


Children from 3-8 years old can go on a Super Quest as a Superhero, Secret Agent, Pirate or Mighty Explorer and many more wonderful themes. We'll take your little one on a gymnastics and sports Super Quest full of exciting themed missions in the gym. Then they'll take a break from the running around for healthy snacks, arts and crafts, before heading back into the gym for their next mission.   Themed sessions that change every week stimulate physical and motor-skill development with games and gymnastics, all in the care of our qualified and dedicated team of instructors. Take a look at our themes week by week:


Week one - The Warrior Pack (23rd - 29th July)


Do you have what it takes? Test your ninja skills in this high impact experience! Obstacle courses, gymnastics, and physical exercises will transform you into a fierce (but fun!) warrior. Get ready to master challenges that build agility, strength, speed and develop good sportsmanship with a new pack of friends!


Week two - Midsummer Night’s Garden Party (30th July - 5th August)


Legend says that on certain nights, hidden in the Hum-Giggle Garden, a magical and mysterious Midsummer Night’s Garden Party takes place! If the Super Kids can search through Hum-Giggle Garden and find the party, they will take part in games and challenges performed in the dark! In the process, the Super Kids will be reminded of the importance of including fruits and vegetables in a healthy daily diet.


Week three - The Neat Ninja League (6th - 12th August)


The Super Kids will become Super Ninjas this week! Learning and using basic karate and martial arts skills to complete their quests, the Super Kids will be granted membership into the Neat Ninja League! Neat Ninja’s are very neat and responsible; they clean up their messes and they do their chores! As you might guess, we will have a fun focus on the importance of personal responsibility to round out the fun!



Week four - The Five Wonders of Foxhole Forest (13th - 19th August)


Deep in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, there is a secret enchanted place called Foxhole Forest. Here the Superkids will have to find the ‘5 wonders of Foxhole Forest’ which were hidden by the Ancient Fox Family thousands of years ago. The superkids will need to be super brave and super adventurous  for this one!


Week five - Superheroes! (20th - 26th August)


It’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s SUPERMAN!!! This week the Superkids are going to be superheroes that can fly, spin webs and have x-ray vision! They will also learn all about everyday heroes that rescue people! The Superkids will activate their super powers for super fun!


Week six - X-treme Sports of ALL Sorts (27th August - 2nd September)


This week our superkids will experience a week of extreme sports adventures going fast or really HIGH, and having some flying, twisting and flipping fun! Whether it’s parkour, or surfing our Superkids will have crazy sports adventures like never before!



And for our gymnastics junkies aged between 5-12 years why not try...


Skill Thrill Camps - 5-12 Year Olds


Come on a super fun and confidence boosting Skill Thrill workshop to perfect handstands, cartwheels, vaulting, handsprings and more. Skill Thrill Camps are themed camps that also build in some seriously fun skill development! Not only do your children go on a fun mission in the gym, they also get to hone their gymnastics skills just in time to show them off at school again in September! Take a look at our skill-specific themes week by week...


Week one - Back Handspring Bonanza (23rd - 29th July)


This Skill Thrill Camp is perfect for those kids who are ready to learn the Back Handspring! It’s also great for those kids who have learned a Back Handspring – but are ready for more advanced Back Handspring variations, i.e. Round-Off, Back Handsprings; Round-Off Back Handspring-Back Handspring; and more! A three hour “Back Handspring Bonanza”! What could be more fun?



Week two - Front Handspring Festival (30th July - 5th August)


This Skill Thrill Camp is perfect for those kids who have learned their handstand – and are ready to move to the next step – a “Front Handspring”! This camp is also great for kids who can do this skill by themselves – but just need some repetition and practice to solidify their technique and confidence. This Front Handspring Festival will also be an “Upper Body Fitness Festival” of sorts – as handstands and front handsprings are a great way to exercise the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest and back!


Week three - Vaulting Volcanoes  (6th - 12th August)


Vaulting is one of the most fun and exciting events in gymnastics! What other event allows you run AS FAST AS YOU CAN and LAUNCH into the AIR! The speed and height involved in vaulting skills also presents some interesting challenges – like body control and self-confidence! This camp will help your gymnast learn to “tap into” and apply their speed and power into their vaulting skills! Whether it’s learning a squat-on vault or perfecting a Front Handspring vault, this camp will get them “springing” to new heights!


Week four - Amazing Aerials  (13th - 19th August)


Is it possible to do a “no-handed cartwheel”? YES – this skill is called an “Aerial”! While advanced-level gymnasts may be perfecting their aerial or learning to link their aerial to other skills, beginning and intermediate gymnasts will have the opportunity to grow their cartwheels as they journey through the many skill progressions to learn the intricacies of this exciting skill. This Skill Thrill Camp may be just the thing for those kids who are “THAT CLOSE” to doing their aerial by themselves! This week may just do the trick!


Week five - Back Tuck Beach (20th - 26th August)


Yes – we’re going to be doing “Back Tucks”! Back Tucks (back flips) are not only a BLAST! – they are also easier to learn and perform than one might think. All it takes is some confidence-building, practice and repetition! And that’s just what this Skill Thrill Camp will provide. Your gymnast will have opportunities to learn the Back Tuck, and/or to perfect this skill and link the Back Tuck in a series of other tumbling skills, i.e. Round-Off, Back Handspring, Back Tuck!



Week six - Caribbean Cartwheels and Hawaiian Handstands  (27th August - 2nd September)


Cartwheels and Handstands are the “gateway skills” that will lead the beginning/intermediate level gymnast toward learning Round-Offs, Back Handsprings, Front Handsprings , and more! Because Cartwheels and Handstands are both “upside down” skills, they do wonders for building your child’s upper body and core strength, too! Learning and perfecting Cartwheels and Handstands are a “must” for young gymnasts! A “Caribbean/Hawaiian” side theme will add a fun tropical twist to the week!


NEW - WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS - Dance Around the World (3-8 years)


This summer on a Wednesday afternoon we will be running some NEW Dance Camps! In a Little Gym dance camp, not only do the kids get creative with dance, but they also get to work on their gymnastics skills. Join us for an adventure around the globe and experience the colorful world of dance, music and self-expression! Each week we will introduce new dance styles through fun skill combinations, activities, and games that encourage an appreciation for dance! Improve balance, coordination and learn new skills as we dance to the beat of  these seriously fun new camps!


Week one: All About Africa!


Week two: Plies in Paris - Ballet theme!


Week three: Dance with me in NYC - learn some Hip-Hop moves!


Week four: Born to Bailar - Latin Theme!


Week five: TLG Cheer Team! - All about Teamwork!


Week six: A Worldly Star is Born - It’s Showtime!


For members our camps are £25 and £35 for non-members. 

Call today and save yourself 10% on bookings during the month of May.

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