Sports Day Should be Everyday!!

This time of year, a lot of children around the UK will be having their sports day. A great, fun way to get children active. But here at The Little Gym Leeds we think every day should be sports day! Children are spending less and less time moving/playing/exercising and more time sitting. This makes us sad!

A recent study in Wales reported "With the exception of one indicator, everything is getting worse" in relation to childhood exercise and obesity.


Have a read of the study here

At The Little Gym, our developmental gymnastics classes cover a range of loco-motor movements, rotations, jumps, leaps, climbing skills and so much more! These dynamic movements in a sensory rich environment is fundamental to the sensory system and developing the brain, so why not learn in our colourful, safe & nurturing gym!

Physical activity in toddlers and children helps towards brain health, advancing their thinking skills that most affect academic performance. Sitting down too much is negatively impacting children’s behaviour in schools. During exercise blood delivers oxygen and glucose to the brain, which it needs for heightened alertness and mental focus.

Our classes tap into each child's senses, stimulating their body and mind. 


If you are stuck for something to do this summer holidays why not book your little one into a class with us? We start at 4 months old and run until 12 years old.


Call us on 0113 3359915 or email us at 








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