We are just over half way through the summer holidays and we can't believe there are only 2 weeks left until regular classes start again! We have had some serious fun in our summer camps in the past few weeks, we've been on countless quests and so far our children have been everything from Ninja's to Foxes!


It's been a really hot summer so far and we have loved hearing what our members have been up to in the holidays. September is now fast approaching and for some of our little gymnasts it means school for the very first time!


For a lot of parents it means getting back into some sort of a routine again. If you are unsure whether or not to keep up with your little ones activities once they start school, have a read of this article which might help you understand why movement and play is even more important for your little ones once they start school.


Read the full blog here




If you are looking for something to do with your little ones for the last part of the holidays, we do still have a few spaces in some of our summer camps. Over the next 2 weeks our 3-8 year olds are going to be superheroes and X-treme sport stars while our 5-12 year olds will be working visiting Back Tuck Island and doing Caribbean Cartwheels!


Have a look at the schedule here.




Our regular classes start again on the 3rd September and we can't wait to welcome everyone back. We are also very excited because we have added an extra 6 classes to our timetable. This means we have even more room for serious fun!


Check out our new timetable here.  




For those of you who might not have enrolled for classes starting in September it's not too late. Please call us on 0113 3359915 or email us at to get your little one signed up for some serious fun!


Happy Handstands!


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