How your child’s body teaches their brain to think!!


Have you ever wondered why children never sit still? Have you noticed they have the need to move, fidget, explore, touch and interact with everything around them? Does it feel like they’re not listening and not doing as they are asked? That's because this is exactly what their bodies are made for!!

Children, particularly in the early years, are not designed to sit down and listen to instructions. They've got to move and explore their environment with their body and all of their 7 senses! Click here to read more about the senses. Although it may not be obvious, they pay far more attention than we think. They are constantly curious and interested in their environment but the only way to learn more about the world around them is to experience it with their bodies.


Think about the brain as a galaxy with billions of stars. The brain cells need to be connected in order to create strong pathways with each other, which allows the brain cells to communicate and process information from our senses. Connections are made through movement, new experiences and countless amounts of repetition! Did you know that 90% of the neural pathways in the brain will be set for life during the early years of childhood? These pathways between the brain cells determine not only how children think and learn but also will shape who they become, their passions and interests and are one of the most important foundations in the formation of individuality.


Movement is one of the top priorities in the brain during the early years of children's development. The brain will always prioritise movement before thinking until the movement becomes fully automated, when the child is able to move/perform the certain task without thinking about it.


The Little Gym Leeds is a place where children explore by moving in new and different ways, take risks and build strong bodies all whilst being exposed to a rich multi-sensory environment.


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