Wed, Jul 25, 2018



We have some exciting news for anyone who's birthday is coming up; we now have 6 birthday slots available over the summer!!!!


For the next 6 weeks we have slots available at 2.15 on Saturdays for a 90 minute birthday bash with us at The Little Gym Leeds.

The following dates available are:

28th July

4th August

11th August

18th August

25th August

1st September



The good news doesn't stop there ...

If you book a party with us between now and the 31st August you will receive a massive 

£50 off your booking.

That offer doesn't just apply to parties held over Summer, they can be for anytime as long as the initial booking is made by the end of August.

This means if you're a member with us you get to book a party for just £200!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't miss out on this great offer!!!!


Call us today on 0113 3359915 or email us at to book your little one's birthday bash with us.





Tue, Jul 24, 2018

Starting School in September?


To stop or not to stop… that’s the big question facing the parents of children starting reception every September.

Should your child continue with their activities after school? The football, ballet or gymnastics that they love?  


The answer is YES!


Your child is going to get quite a big shock when they go to school. But not the one us concerned parents are expecting…. Far from being tired, when they start school they will suddenly stop moving for most of the day, and be asked to sit quietly for long stretches. 


Here’s the problem… 4 year olds aren’t designed to sit quietly. They are still in the developmental stage where their brain is telling them to move, to explore, to experience as much of the world around them as humanly possible. And that is because our little ones learn through moving.


The NHS recommends children aged 5 years and under should get at least 3 hours of exercise every day, including 60 minutes of vigorous exercise. But when they first start school, they will not get that exercise. And they need it to be better at school!  


According to OFSTED, Early Years settings are “not sufficiently physically challenging”, and “the more active a child is, the stronger their core is and the better able they are to do things asked of them at school. If practitioners do not encourage children to do this then they are not setting them up very well for the future.”  


That's because if you want your child to be a better sitter, a better listener, and better at concentrating, you need to get them moving. It’s the way to truly good listeners.


And here’s why…


Our vestibular system – our sixth sense – is responsible for helping us to sit still and listen, be alert, and concentrate. And it works in partnership with our seventh sense, pro-prioception. Now, if your child has a poorly developed vestibular sense and a challenged pro-prioceptive sense then they’re going to find school hard! They’ll be the child that fidgets, that can’t stop moving, that can’t focus, can’t be still and doesn’t hear what the teacher is saying. And the child that gets in trouble for all of those things. And no parent wants that for their child.


But when does all that critical development of the vestibular system and proprioception happen? Right now, just when they’re being told to go to school, sit still, and listen. At exactly the stage in their life when they need to get moving! All of that development happens BEFORE the age of SIX!


And guess what, they’re both developed solely through movement. If the vestibular and proprioceptive senses are developed through movement, and all that critical development happens before the age of 6 years, then how on earth can our little ones get what they need from Pre-School and Reception alone?


The Simple Answer -- They Need Movement After School!


Your school-age child needs to get moving for 3 hours a day and even with the best of intentions our education system just can’t provide them with that opportunity. Only modern, savvy parents that are passionate about their children’s development can.  


And not just any movement will do. To optimise their development, children need to take physical risks, regularly try a variety of new physical challenges for the first time, stretch their bodies in new directions, reach new heights, and problem solve.


When we were kids we climbed trees… and we have a responsibility as a adults to find a super fun modern-day equivalent for our increasingly ‘more sedentary than they are designed to be’ children.


And according to Gill Jane, Deputy Director of Early Years at OFSTED, there is a tension between physical activity and taking risks, and as a parent, balancing risk is a hard thing to do. OFSTED would like early years practitioners to challenge children and take such risks in order to make them more physically active.


Helping Your Children to Learn Through Movement and Safe Risks


Giving children this strong platform is exactly where The Little Gym comes into play. We know what 3, 4 and 5-year-old children need, and we get them moving and challenged in the right way to aid their development.

That’s why teachers, occupational therapists and paediatricians recommend us as an accompaniment to the early years of schooling – they understand what an important role we can play in supporting children’s development and schooling.  


And that’s what we all want – parents and teachers alike… to set every child up for success, help them to thrive, and make school as easy an experience for them as possible!


Don’t stop your children’s activities when they go to school. They won’t be too tired. They’ll need the outlet. And they need to keep moving. Penning them into a room for most of the day, stopping them from moving, and then removing the activities they love doesn’t do our beautiful children justice.


And just like us, they need to de-stress after a long day at school! Just like we need to de-stress after a long day at work. Why do you think adult gyms do such a roaring trade in the evening! School has the same effect on our children, let’s help them get that stress out of their system and sleep better at night.


To find out more about our classes give us a call on 0113 3359915 or email us at 

Tue, Jul 17, 2018

Sports Day Should be Everyday!!

This time of year, a lot of children around the UK will be having their sports day. A great, fun way to get children active. But here at The Little Gym Leeds we think every day should be sports day! Children are spending less and less time moving/playing/exercising and more time sitting. This makes us sad!

A recent study in Wales reported "With the exception of one indicator, everything is getting worse" in relation to childhood exercise and obesity.


Have a read of the study here

At The Little Gym, our developmental gymnastics classes cover a range of loco-motor movements, rotations, jumps, leaps, climbing skills and so much more! These dynamic movements in a sensory rich environment is fundamental to the sensory system and developing the brain, so why not learn in our colourful, safe & nurturing gym!

Physical activity in toddlers and children helps towards brain health, advancing their thinking skills that most affect academic performance. Sitting down too much is negatively impacting children’s behaviour in schools. During exercise blood delivers oxygen and glucose to the brain, which it needs for heightened alertness and mental focus.

Our classes tap into each child's senses, stimulating their body and mind. 


If you are stuck for something to do this summer holidays why not book your little one into a class with us? We start at 4 months old and run until 12 years old.


Call us on 0113 3359915 or email us at 







Fri, Jun 29, 2018

Birthday Bash at The Little Gym



You might know that here at The Little Gym Leeds we have serious fun in our gymnastic classes and our camps.


But did you know that we also host birthday parties???


Here's what people say about our parties:


"Thank you so much. We had an amazing party and the staff were amazing".

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful party. We all had a fantastic birthday and it was very stress free for us. Will definitely recommend."

"Thank you for a great party experience. The staff have been amazing from the moment we booked the party. See you next year".


If you're interested in booking a birthday for your little one, here is what we provide with our package:

  • Exclusive use of our facility with free tea/coffee
  • TLG Invitations
  • 2 Qualified instructors to lead the party with 1 instructor to assist with setting up and cleaning up
  • Party room with helium balloons, cup, plates and juice
  • Free t-shirt for the birthday child

What you would provide:

  • Birthday snacks (just some light finger food will suffice)
  • Additional beverages for guests
  • Guest list


Our birthday packages are £300 for non-members and £250 for members. To be a member with us it's a £30 annual family membership fee.


If you would to book a party with us, or would like some more information about our packages give us a call on 0113 3359915 or email us at  




Tue, Jun 12, 2018

Early Birds Offers for September!!


We've been having a fantastic semester so far seeing all your little ones progress in confidence and in their skills. It has been amazing to be a part of their journey and we would love to see each child continue to grow in September and beyond.


It is time for all children currently enrolled in classes to confirm their place in the classes for  September.  This week you will receive your childs report, a new schedule for next year and a letter outlining our 'Early Bird Offers.'  Every child currently enrolled is guaranteed a place providing we receive your completed enrolment form and payment by Sunday 8th July.


We've listened to your suggestions and are changing the way we work.  From September onwards all members will be automatially enrolled into the full year of classes and subsequent years thereafter to ensure the class is secured for you.  You can, of course stop classes at any point we simply require a calendar months notice in writing.  We also offer an easy monthly payment option which may suit you better.  We hope that this will simplify the process and offer you additional flexibility.


The earlier you register your child, the easier it is for us to confirm a place in your preferred class; your early registration gives you the best choice of class times to suit your requirements. Please speak to your child’s instructor or any member of our team about the most suitable class for your child in the new year of classes as soon as possible.


Annual Membership must be valid and a renewal fee of £30 per family is automatically added where required, at the time of booking. Ongoing payments will be taken by the way of autopay from your credit/debit card on the appropriate dates (all Semester Plan and Monthly Plan instalments will be taken by autopay on the 1st of the month) unless you have advised you are paying by cash or childcare vouchers. Please note late payment of balances or instalment fees will incur a late payment admin fee of £15.


Initial payments can be made via credit/debit card, cash, bank transfer or childcare vouchers.


To pay by bank transfer our details are as follows:

Account 10254282

Sort Code 16-20-36.

Please use your child's name as the reference.


Members confirming their place at this time will of course be entitled to our Early Bird Offers and will remain on our discounted rates going forward. Class recommendations for moving up will be discussed throughout the year and children will be moved at a time that suits their own development.  We hope that this will allow for a smooth transition into new classes throughout the year.  The current semester comes to a close on 22nd July, we remind you that all make-up classes need to be taken before that date. Post GDPR, we have changed our Terms and conditions and would like to invite you to review these. If you have any questions, please contact any of us for assistance


The schedule for next year is available on our website and is actually the same as this year of the brochure can be downloaded too, we have added some new classes to try and meet with the demand from new members still joining!


EARLY BIRD OFFERS FOR 43 CLASSES - 3rd September 2018 - 21st July 2019


Option 1 - Pay in full for year (£12.98 per class)


1st Child: £558.14
2nd Child: £446.51 
3rd Child: £334.88


Option 2 - Semester plan (£13.68 per class)
Only available to current members who are used to this payment plan

1st Child: £588.24
Deposit £100 + £194.12 1st Sept, £100 1st Dec + £194.12 1st Feb.

2nd Child: £470.89
Deposit £80 + £155.30 1st Sept, £100 1st Dec + £155.30 1st Feb

3rd Child: £352.94 
Deposit £60 + £116.47 1st Sept, £60 1st Dec + £116.47 1st Feb


Option 3 - Monthly Plan (£15.40 per class)


1st Child: £662.20
£68 deposit + 10 x £59.42 1st Sept-June

2nd Child: £529.76
£55.76 deposit + 10 x £47.40 1st Sept-June

3rd Child: £397.32
£33.32 deposit + 10 x £36.20

Annual Family Membership Fee when up for renewal £30.


Thank you for your continued commitment to your child’s development through our programmes.  If you have any questions about classes in September please give us a cal on 0113 3359915 or email us at

The Little Gym Leeds Team


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